Paypal Encashment

Our main service is Paypal Encashment, which is to provide Filipinos a way to convert Paypal funds into cash in an instant. For just a small fee, you don’t have to wait several days to withdraw funds from your Paypal account. We can send it to your local bank account in just a few minutes!


4 Simple Steps to Encash your Paypal Funds:

1. Like our Facebook page.

2. Send your valid ID picture to us in Facebook: Driver’s License, Passport, SSS card, GSIS card, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, PRC ID, Seaman’s Book, NBI Clearance, or Police Clearance. The name on your ID should match the one on your Paypal account.

3. Fill out the Encashment Request Form below between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

4. Please wait for one of our representatives to send you on Facebook the instructions on how to send your Paypal funds to us. Make sure to send your Paypal funds at least an hour before your preferred bank / money remittance branch closes. You can click here to view your encashment options with their rates, availability, and processing time.

Paypal Encashment Calculator

Please take note that we only accept transactions starting at $100.


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If you have questions please visit our FAQ page.