Buy Paypal Funds

You can also buy Paypal funds from us for your online transactions. Just follow the steps below.


How do I buy Paypal funds?

1. Like our Facebook page.

2. Send your valid ID picture to us in Facebook: Driver’s License, Passport, SSS card, GSIS card, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, PRC ID, Seaman’s Book, NBI Clearance, or Police Clearance. The name on your ID should match the one on your Paypal account.

3. Fill out and submit the Buy PayPal Funds form below between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

  • Be very accurate in typing in your Paypal Email address. This is where we send your money to.
  • Remember to type in your requested amount in US Dollars.

4. Please wait for one of our representatives to send you these information in Facebook:

  • The price (in Philippine Peso) of the Paypal fund you requested. You may use the calculator below to compute in advance.
  • Our bank account details where you will send your payment to.

5. After we verify that your payment has been sent through, we will send the requested US Dollar amount to your Paypal account, which normally takes just a few minutes.


Buy Paypal Funds Calculator

Please note that the minimum amount of Paypal funds you can buy is $50.


Buy Paypal Funds Form

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